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Missouri and Kansas Property Division and Property Settlement Agreement

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Separation and Property Settlement Agreement

This is a contract between you and your spouse with accounts for the valuation, allocation and division of all marital assets and debts. These settlement agreements can be as simple or as complicated as they need to be in order to achieve the intended result. In contested cases which settle by agreement a Separation and Property Settlement Agreement will contain a Final Parenting Plan and incorporate by reference the final Child Support Worksheet. The settlement agreement can also account for spousal maintenance agreements and outline the terms upon which the same can be modified or terminated.

Asset and Debt Division

In that same vein, spouses who can agree to a valuation and division of their joint estate are likely to have reached a fair, just and equitable result in the eyes of the Court. An experienced divorce attorney will help you identify and value all your assets and liabilities before helping you devise a plan for division which serves both your immediate and future needs. Whether your case involves a relatively low asset estate and the debts of the marriage outweigh the assets, or, if your case involves high assets, complicated investments, business ownership, family trusts or high-income earnings, it is paramount for there to be absolute transparency “across the v” to ensure a fair, just and equitable division. Fairbanks Law is equipped with a diversification of counsel suited to meet the needs of each individual client. Fairbanks Law has experience on every end of the spectrum and are prepared provide you with the right tools for the successful resolution of your case. For example, a qualified divorce attorney will know the nuances associated with the local guidelines in your jurisdiction regarding spousal maintenance, the recommended percentages of income difference, the guideline threshold for high income maintenance cases and your options regarding dilution or font-loading of the same with lump sum payout options. Also, when it comes to capturing and treating passive income, valuing intangible personal property, tracing ownership interests, valuing investments, identifying deferred compensation, tracing income, valuing stock options or valuing an entire business, Fairbanks Law’s dedicated team of attorneys and legal staff have the right tools to serve you and your case.

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